Vonå and The Blue Trail Ringkøbing

Hiking and cycling route along Vonåen and Ringkøbing Fjord.

The route takes you through the beautiful nature along Vonåen, which connects Ringkøbing Fjord and Stadil Fjord. You cross the river on the newly constructed bridges, so you'll get through the route dry-shod.

You will also pass Naturkraft, Gammelsogn Church and the old market town of Ringkøbing. The blue route is 3.5 km and the red route is 14 km. Along the way there are picnic facilities, toilets and shelters.

You can download a hiking brochure with the route description of the Blue Trail here. 


Det Blå Trail Ringkøbing


About Vonå

Vonåen is a 6 km long river that drains Stadil Fjord and runs from its southern end southwards Ringkøbing Fjord, which it flows into at its northeastern end, at the western end of Ringkøbing. At the start of the river, Hover Å flows out from the east and a little further south, Heager Å flows out, also from the east.

The river is generally 15-20 meters wide, but in some places it extends up to 50 meters wide. The depth varies and is in some places over 3 meters, while in others it is around 1 meter.

Vonåen has a catchment area of 475 km2, and it supplies Ringkøbing Fjord with around 15% of its water.

The northern part of the river is part of Natura 2000 area no. 66. Stadil Fjord and Vest Stadil Fjord, and at the southern end the river can be crossed via a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, Vonå Engbro.

This was the oldest bridge over the river, built in 1814. Holmsland Engbro or Spangen, as it was called at the time, was built by the lord of St. Søgaard so that he could transport grain to Voldbjerg Mill, which he also owned. The bridge was later re-established in 2006 - now Vonå Engbro.

At the south end, the river is crossed by the road to Søndervig and Holmsland Klit. At this point, until the first bridge was built here in 1860, there was a ferry service across the river.

In ancient times, Holmsland was made up of large and small islets with water in between, and was dependent on either bridge connections or, as in many places, fords where you could drive across during periods of low water.


Vonå – fishing

Vonå is an approximately 6 km long watercourse that drains Stadil Fjord. From the south end of Stadil Fjord, Vonåen runs south, where it flows into Ringkøbing Fjord west of Ringkøbing. Vonå is 15-20 meters wide - however, in some places it is up to 50 meters wide. The depth varies and is in some places over 3 meters, while in other places it is around 1 meter.

The river offers good fishing, especially for perch and pike. You can fish from the shore - including the 3 bridges that cross the river - but it's definitely easier to find the fish from a kayak, floating boat or dinghy.

To fish in Danish rivers, a state fishing license is required. In addition, you may need a fishing license, membership of an angling association or permission from the owner.


Reed Forest

Reed forests are uniform stands of reeds that can cover large areas and form reed swamps or reed forests. Reed forests have a rich wildlife, where you can find reed warblers and reed buntings. Reed forests are primarily found in freshwater, in lakes, bogs and rivers, but the plants are also salt tolerant and can also be found in beach swamps and salt marshes near fjords and along coasts with brackish water.

Reed is used for thatched roofing and can be harvested in the reed beds in winter, mainly when the water in the reed beds is frozen.


Bird life

Most of the reed forest's bird species live in hiding. They are heard more than seen. The birds are therefore best experienced in spring and early summer, when they reveal themselves with their songs and calls, especially at night or early morning.


The wind turbines

Wind turbines are a part of West Jutland. There are many different opinions about them because they affect our region and our lives in different ways. However, there is no doubt that wind turbines have a positive impact on our livelihoods. Vestas, the world's leading wind turbine manufacturer, has its origins in Lem, and today, with more than 2000 jobs in the municipality, it is a crucial factor for one of the 4 largest business areas in the municipality, which is energy, not least renewable energy.

Wind turbines also characterize the Vonå area. There are 10 3 MW Vestas wind turbines installed in the area. They are 125 m high.

The installation of these turbines in the Vonå area has contributed to the Green Fund in the municipality. The Green Fund provides funds for green initiatives, landscape, recreational or cultural purposes in the vicinity of the wind turbines. Thus, it is funds from these turbines that have helped to finance the Picnic Hut at Vonå Engbro.


Gammel Sogn Church

Gammel Sogn Church was built in 1170. It is an excellent example of the Romanesque style. The pulpit dates from 1600. The oldest chalk painting in the church dates from 1170 and is located on the north wall to the west. The church's tower and spire, which is a medieval extension, used to serve as a sea mark for sails and was 12 meters higher than today until 1847.

Gammel Sogn Church was last renovated in 2006, when it was given its current color, stone floor and wooden floor under the rows of pews.


Gammel Sogn School

In 1820, it was decided to build a school at Gammel Sogn Church.

The school consisted of two schoolrooms, a house with an extension of a stable and barn. There was a school until 1965, when the school system was combined into one school in Kloster.

Today, the school is owned by Gammel Sogn Church and is used as a residence for the gravedigger. One of the school rooms has been preserved with the appearance it had when the school was closed and is now open to visitors.


The packed lunch house

The packed lunch house at Vonå Engbro is beautifully situated by the river and offers many beautiful sunsets. The house was established and opened in 2019. Seven associations have created this asset.

You can cook on the barbecue and eat at the three table/bench sets. There is water and toilet facilities on site. The packed lunch house is financed through funds from the installed wind turbines.


The bridge over Heager Å

Ringkøbing Udviklingsforum and Naturkraft have collaborated on developing opportunities for a better nature experience on and by Vonåen. There has been a great desire to create a trail system that follows Vonåen from Ringkøbing past Naturkraft up to Vonå Engbro and from there back on the western side of Vonåen back to Ringkøbing.

This wish has now been granted, as a bridge over Heager Å has been successfully established. At the same time, a trail system has been established from Vesterhede to Vonå Engbro. Here you can enjoy the fantastic nature both on foot and by bike.

The path system at Heager Å consists of a 600 m long combined walking and cycling path and a 330 m long footpath for pedestrians only.

In addition to providing good opportunities for pedestrians, the new path system now also makes it possible to cycle from Ringkøbing to Kloster without having to use busy roads.

The path system and bridge were opened on March 17, 2021. The project is supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas and by the Danish Outdoor Council.