Kloster Design/Charly's Café

Kloster Design, Charly's Café, Brugskunstforreting, Lysbutik,Café, Galleri Bo Bendixen


Kloster Design in Ringkøbing is a handicraft retailer that can offer you handicrafts by many different designers.


Kloster Design is a very special world to step into, where you will find crafts for every taste. You'll find candles from our own production and other items from the brands Sebastian Design, Ekelund, Bo Bendixen, ee-i-ee-i-o and many more.


In addition, you and your family can have a unique experience at Kloster Design in Ringkøbing, where you can cast your own candles.


Finally, you can pop into Charly's Café at Kloster Design, where you can buy a delicious, warm apple cake.