Be active in Ringkøbing


Biking and mountainbike

For many people, it has become very popular to climb the iron horse and get a good ride out into nature for exercise and to enjoy the fresh air. Both in and around Ringkøbing, there are a number of great opportunities for a nice bike ride.

Firstly, you can cycle around the town's many old and beautiful streets, stop at the harbor and ride around a bit. You can also cycle along the fjord to Sorte Bakker and even further east if you fancy a glimpse of the new Ringkøbing K project.

Cyclists can also head out to the dog forest east of the town, where there's a mountain bike track that's a little out of the ordinary in a hilly terrain with plenty of challenges.

It is also possible to cycle west and follow a path by the fjord all the way to Søndervig either directly or via the beautiful Baggers Dæmning.


Surfing and kitesurfing

Ringkøbing Fjord is not comparable to the sea water at Klitmøller - also popularly known as Cold Hawaii. Nevertheless, the fjord is a great place to surf, and many people use its waters for either windsurfing or kitesurfing in all kinds of weather. Most with Sorte Bakker as their starting point.

Sorte Bakker is located on the eastern edge of Ringkøbing Town, and the water there works best for both wind and kitesurfing with wind directions between west-northwest and east-southeast, while other wind directions are offshore winds of varying quality for water sports. The inner bay to the east is best for kitesurfing due to the shallow water depth.

In Sorte Bakker there are also good parking facilities in several places, not least around the facilities of the Ringkøbing Surf Club, which is based there with a nice house for equipment and a lovely square around the house.


Sorte Bakker Beach

There are plenty of opportunities to take a dip in Ringkøbing Fjord, and the best place is the beach at Sorte Bakker, where the water is shallow and ideal for families with children. Children can play with the water toys under proper supervision. Below the stairs there is a small sandy beach and a jetty out into the fjord, which makes it possible to get out into deeper water.

The black hills were originally heather-covered and thus appeared as black sea marks used for navigation, hence the name Black Hills.



There are a number of great places to go fishing in Ringkøbing. Both in rivers and at good fishing lakes.

For example, is it very popular to walk along the river Hover Å (remember to have a valid fishing license) and spend several hours trying to land a good, big fish.

You can also occasionally spot people fishing along the river Vonåen, and then there are the lovely fishing lakes with Oxriver being one of the big ones. It is located by Stampevej in No in a lovely scenic area surrounded by high ramparts, so there is always shelter. With its six lakes and over 1,000 meters of beautiful river course, Oxriver is one of Denmark's largest Put & Take waters. There is fishing for all tastes.

Many people also visit the family park in Hee, where you can also fish in the Put & Take lake. The same is the case with the 12,500 square meter Put
& Take lake at Mejlbygård on the road close to Ringkøbing. This site is also idyllically located in a scenic area.


The dog forest

Schubert's plantation, also known as the dog forest, is a semi-fenced large forest just a few kilometers from Ringkøbing, where there is room for everyone.

If you're looking for a mountain bike course out of the ordinary, you'll find a route with hilly terrain and plenty of challenges. A route that challenges even the best. The dog forest is also an area where your dog can roam freely and meet other dogs. For children, there is a lovely nature playground with various tools that make a trip to the forest an active and fun experience.

If you like orienteering, the forest has a route. At the entrance to the forest or at Ringkøbing Camping you can borrow a map with marked posts, now it's just a matter of getting to all the posts in the shortest possible time.

Hundeskoven, a forest with experiences for the whole family.