Parking in Ringkøbing


In Ringkøbing you can find more than 1.000 free parking spots. More than half of them is without a timelimit, so it is possible to park as long as you wish.
Remember to set the parking disc on timelimited spots. 



Our tips to finding a free parking spot:

In the main season (June-September) some of the parkinglots may be full, while others have plenty of space. The parkinglots at Superbrugsen and the square will be full first. 

Therefore it is an advantage to drive directly to one of the following parkinglots, where there usually are free spots:
Den gamle skolegrund, Skolevænget only 250 meter fra city center.
Toften (P-Syd)
Enghavevej (by the cemetry)


Oveview of parkinglots in Ringkøbing

  • Super Brugsen
    Adress: Torvegade 9
    230 spots without timelimitation

  • Den gamle skolegrund
    Adress: Skolevænget
    Ca. 300 spots without timelimitation

  • Toften (P-syd)
    Adress: Toften
    75 spots without timelimitation
    55 spots with 3 hour limitation (08-18), (08-14)

  • Bag Torvet
    Adress: Bag Torvet
    40 spots without timelimitation
    80 spots with 3 hour limitation (08-18), (08-14)

  • Købmandsslippen (behind Jyske Bank)
    Adress: Købmandsslippen
    55 spots without timelimitation
    45 spots with 3 hour limitation (08-18), (08-14)

  • v. McDonalds
    Adress: Søndervigvej 1
    65 spots without timelimitation

  • Nørredige
    Adress: Nørredige 9
    60 spots with 3 hour limitation (08-18)

  • Enghavevej (at the cemetry)
    Adress: Enghavevej 46
    60 spots without timelimitation

  • Rådhuset
    Adress: Ved Fjorden 6
    60 spots without timelimitation (Parkering only allowed between 16.00 - 08.00)

  • Havnen
    Adress: Havnepladsen 1
    50 spots without timelimitation

  • Mellemgade
    Adress: Mellemgade 5
    50 spots with 3 hour limitation (08-18), (08-14)

  • Smed Sørensens Vej
    Adresse: Smed Sørensens Vej 2
    50 spots without timelimitation


Subject to changed time limit. Always pay attention to and follow the current signage in the parking lot.

See names on the different parkinglots underneath.