Fiskehuset - The old fish auction

Opposite the harbour office is Fiskehuset, which was originally built as a fish auction. It was in 1932 that fish exporter P. Jensen Poulsen was granted a license to hold a fish auction, and it was the first in the country.

At first, the auctions were held in the open air, but it wasn't long before a small house was built, and it has since been expanded several times. In 1976, it was announced that the fish auction in Ringkøbing was to close because there was not enough income for the auctioneer. The fishermen were so upset about this that the Ringkøbing and Stadil Fjords Fishermen's Association took over the auction and continued until the beginning of the new millennium, but then it was over. So few fish were landed in Ringkøbing that they were collected in a shed on Fiskerstræde and then taken to the auction in Hvide Sande.

The building on the harbour did not remain empty, however, as Hanne Lauridsen rented it from the municipality and set up Fiskehuset with the sale of fish and fish dishes, which can be enjoyed in a closed section, which was added in 2016-17, and in a good road outside with a view of the harbor. Fiskehuset was sold to Bjarne Nielsen in 2017, and in 2019 he gave the business a renovation.


Fiskehuset Ringkøbing