Elektronikhuset i Ringkøbing

Are you in need of a TV, a new computer or other electronics - and would you like to shop locally? Then you should look into Elektronikhuset in Ringkøbing.

At Elektronikhuset you can buy both TV, IT and other entertainment electronics - and they also sell to businesses.

The electronics house is happy to help with delivery, installation and assembly of your products. In addition, Elektronikhuset also offers help from their professional service technicians. 

Elektronikhuset is also specialized in satellite dish, antenna and network solutions, while at the same time offering you repair of both computers, mobile phones and tablets. 

At Elektronikhuset you are guaranteed an excellent service and a wide selection of goods and various electronics solutions. Most importantly, you get it all locally in Ringkøbing.


Elektronikhuset i Ringkøbing