Hotel Fjordgaarden


Hotel Fjordgaarden 

Fjordgaarden is located in the middle of the wild nature of Western Jutland and is the perfect setting for a relaxed hotel stay in Western Jutland.

At Fjordgaarden, they do a great job of welcoming you to their award-winning spa, where all you have to do is enjoy the calm and intimacy that awaits you. They invite you to dine in the restaurant, where they have the Organic Cuisine Bronze Label and serve locally sourced ingredients.

Fjordgaarden is a 4-star hotel with a spa, cosmetologist and wellness area and restaurant, located minutes from Ringkøbing Fjord and a short drive from the North Sea. Fjordgaarden is located in the middle of the breathtaking nature of West Jutland, where you can explore and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

There are plenty of leisure activities and nature experiences right on your doorstep. You can windsurf on the fjord and kayak along the river right into the hotel's backyard, or borrow a bike from the hotel and cycle along the fjord to one of West Jutland's best beaches at Søndervig.

Fjordgaarden offers tranquillity in dedicated versions and several shades.