Westjysk Smag ApS

Westjysk Smag likør

We are a small family-run liqueur and vinegar brewery with an annual production of just under 6,000 liters of liqueur and just under 3,000 liters of vinegar. We live by the devic that things take time, which is why we let our liqueurs ferment for at least 10 months on wild yeast from our own apple orchard. The vinegar is a liqueur we ferment down to around 8% alcohol and add a vinegar mother. The vinegar ferments for another 18 months before it is ready to be bottled.

Westjysk Taste liqueurs contain no added alcohol. We think it's a shame that the taste of alcohol overpowers the raw materials. The liqueurs have an alcohol content of 14% because the natural fermentation stops here. We heat treat our liqueur and vinegar before bottling to avoid sulphites.

We only use raw materials that we can find and grow on the farm; it is very important to us that our liqueurs and vinegars are local and taste of West Jutland. Our land is unsprayed and spread over apple groves, small forests and wetlands. We don't filter our liqueur because it would change the good taste, therefore precipitation may occur.