Miss Ringkøbing - Artwork by Prince Henrik

Miss Ringkøbing is the city's newest work of art, unveiled by artist His Royal Highness Prince Henrik in May 2017. The almost 2m tall bronze sculpture was originally called Miss Fredensborg because it was the first work of art the prince had made at Fredensborg Palace, but at the unveiling, he gave his permission for the name change, so now it is Miss Ringkøbing.

The sculpture had already arrived in Ringkøbing in September 2015 and was ready for unveiling when the prince had to cancel his visit due to the death of his sister. Therefore, the townspeople had become so fond of the one that was initially on loan that they did not want to get rid of it. Councillor and chairman of the municipality's art committee, Gitte Kjeldsen, managed to raise enough money for the sculpture to be purchased. It was also she who had made the agreement on borrowing the artwork with the prince when the royal couple visited Ringkøbing in September 2014.

Part of the story of Miss Ringkøbing is that a beautiful blue piece of velvet was used for the unveiling of the artwork, and the prince was so pleased that he borrowed it when the royal couple had their golden wedding in June, so that he could use it when he unveiled his gift to the queen, namely a somewhat larger version of Miss Fredensborg in Fredensborg Palace park.


Miss Ringkøbing