Historical buildings in the old market town

You've barely reached Ringkøbing before you're captivated by the old, low red-brick houses, the cobbled streets and the cozy fjord harbor.

Ringkøbing is one of the oldest and most well-preserved market towns in Denmark and is beautifully situated in the landscape along the beautiful Ringkøbing Fjord.

The old town center with the square and church as the central point is incredibly beautiful and well-preserved. Everything in the town has been carefully restored, and a great deal of effort has been made to preserve large parts of "old Ringkøbing" in its original form. The result is obvious when you stroll around the town center.

The square in Ringkøbing is characterized by the old town hall and Hotel Ringkøbing, which is housed in a beautiful half-timbered building from around 1600. Around the square are cozy pubs where you can relax to music in the summer months. The town is buzzing with people enjoying the wide range of shops and the various activities that the local shopping association organizes on a regular basis.

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