Naturbydelen Ringkøbing K


As something quite unusual in an urban development project, nature has developed before the homes in the Nature District. Thus, all the homes in the Nature District get direct access and views of nature from the start.

Nature contains brightly colored meadows, berry gardens, an apple garden, a fruit grove, lakes, streams, a rich and varied forest, grazing paddocks, a playground and a tow ferry.

And nature is open to anyone who wants to hunt for herbs, flowers, berries, mushrooms, pick apples, walk/run/bike for a walk, enjoy the tranquility or experience the diverse bird and animal life. See the 122 bird species observed in the Nature District.

The development of the Nature District in Ringkøbing takes place through the partner company Ringkøbing K Aps (the K stands for Coast, Edge and Quality), which is owned by Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality (25%) and Realdania By & Byg (75%). The Board of Directors consists of two representatives of both owners and an impartial chairman.