About Ringkøbing Handelsforening


It is Ringkøbing Handelsforening that runs www.visitringkoebing.dk.

Ringkøbing Handelsforening was founded in 1874 and today has more than 140 members. They are mainly shops, restaurants, liberal professions and other businesses that live wholly or partly from trade and tourism. All commercial and business enterprises that may be interested are welcome to apply for membership of the trade association.

As a member of Ringkøbing Handelsforening, companies help to support local commercial development and ensure a vibrant town for the benefit of both residents and the town's many visitors.

The purpose of the trade association is to promote trade, tourism, industry and related professions, and to safeguard the interests and rights of its members.

We do this by, among other things, marketing Ringkøbing as a trading town and by organizing events and activities in the town throughout the year.


The trade association is organized with a secretariat and a Town Manager who handles the day-to-day running of the association's activities.





Kristina Skøtt Pedersen
22 42 30 99

Carina Hegested