Harbour in Ringkøbing


If you are a native of Ringkøbing, there is no way around it. You MUST go down to the harbor at least once a day - regardless of weather, wind and season. On foot, by bike or by car. The harbor square just needs to be rounded:

Is the 'Fat Lady' still standing in its place? The 'Indian Village' with the characteristic red wooden houses of the fjord fishermen must be checked off. The dinghies behind the Town Hall, the harbor basin, jetties, piers, the marina and the 'daily form' of the fjord should be checked. Has the harbor crane hoisted the yachts out of hibernation? Hopefully, there is life and activity over on the Vestas peninsula - the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, which has been an important player
in Ringkøbing's recovery when the city's major workplace, the North Sea Shipyard, closed in 1997. Where 400 people once worked, there are now attractive homes on Bryggen and Beddingen.

Ringkøbing is a historical gem. In the old days, galleasses were used to export all kinds of goods to Hamburg, Holland, England and Norway: hides, skins, wool, tobacco, grain, butter and food, cattle and of course fish. And while all this - and the tall, distinctive and beautiful
and beautiful Toldboden - is a thing of the past, the old market town and harbor town is still as vibrant as the freshly caught fjord scrubs you might be lucky enough to walk home in a plastic bag from one of the small fishing boats - 10 pieces for a hunred!

When you stand on the outermost pier and let your gaze wander out over the fjord, it inevitably hits fixed points and West Jutland 'lighthouses', such as Gammel Sogn Church, Søndervig, Nørre Lyngvig Lighthouse and Hvide Sande. A sunset over the fjord, into the North Sea, behind the dune, is something you never forget.

But before you dream too far away, you shouldn't deny yourself a here and now experience: You MUST explore and put together your very own 'harbor tour'. Experiences 'ad libitum' in the form of authentic atmosphere and culture: architecture and architecture, crafts and design, galleries, art and sculpture are right at your feet. Within walking distance, all your senses will be engaged.