City Well

Before water was piped into the town's houses, there was a town well on the square next to Hotel Ringkøbing.

At the market town anniversary in 1943, money was collected for a citizen's gift, namely a clock with chimes at the town hall. There was money to spare, and it was decided that it should be used for a new town well. In October 1943, the Committee for Collection for a Citizen's Gift received an offer for a town well in prehistoric oak from the artist Stæhr-Nielsen, and it was to be installed in the western part of the square next to Hotel Ringkøbing - though not with a loose pump, but attached and equipped for waterworks water.

The town well was not ready for installation until after the war, and on Sunday, November 4, 1945, it was in place. It remained there until 1973, when it was moved to the opposite side of the square, where it stands today.


Bybrønden i Ringkøbing