Application for artists

For the symposium 2019 in Ringkoebing we can invite about 10-12 sculptors. The selection will be based on your submitted proposal for the sculptures.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and we hope that you will accept the challenge and apply for admission to the International Woodsculpture Symposium in Ringkoebing 2019.

Deadline: The application must be send no later than 16th February 2019!


Project Description

By making sculptures in connection with The International Woodsculpture Symposium in Ringkoebing 2019, it is our aim to vivify the art in Ringkoebing and create contacts between sculptures, artisans and designers from Denmark and other countries.

The sculptures will be bought from or sponsored to local firms, private persons or organizations.

Purpose of the Festival
● To promote the knowledge of tree sculptures as traditional and artistic form of expression
● To create artistic and professional contacts between sculptors, artisans and designers from Denmark and other countries
● To create abstract/ half abstract sculptures of wood of high artistic quality
● To vivify the art in the townscape of Ringkoebing
● To raise awareness of Ringkoebing as a tourist attraction

The organizers will provide the participants with the following materials
● Hardwood log in max 2 meters length and about 60 - 80 cm diameter (Oak tree)
● Electric saw ( in exceptional cases and for hard work motor saws may be used)
● Electric power supply 220 V 50 Hz
● Finishing materials (oil, paint .. etc.)

The participants are kindly requested to bring any other tools or auxiliary materials!

The committee will take care of the following in connection with the symposium in Ringkoebing from the evening of 21th July to the morning of 28th July:
● All travel expenses from European countries (cheapest travel expenses cost).
● Travel expenses from not European countries will be maximum 1200 EUR.
● Accommodation (2 pers. room), meals and social arrangements
● Transport between Ringkoebing and Billund Airport
● Program with local or cultural spots during the symposium
● Kindly provide us with additional information about you as sculptor and please bring material that presents you as sculptor or your country (photo albums, videos, music, cd’s etc).
● Companions (not sculptors) will have to pay full price (650 euro) for accommodation, meals and social arrangements. Transport between Ringkoebing and Billund Airport will be 70 Euro. Transport between Ringkoebing and Billund for sculptors is free of charge.

● The spoken language at the symposium will be English!
● The committee of The International wood sculpture symposium in Ringkoebing 2019 is responsible for the organization of the symposium and it reserves the rights for the works, publications and advertisements.
● Artist must complete the sculpture during the symposium. Symposium will take
place whatever weather will be. The working place is covered.
● Be aware that it is the participants’ responsibility to be insured against accidents of any kind in connection with the symposium.
● OBS! Participants are kindly requested to bring their own safety equipment! Artist are working on his/her own responsibility


The symposium in Ringkøbing is a nonprofit organization where the money for the sale of the sculptures will go to finance the symposium in Ringkøbing. Your sculpture will be bought from local firms, private persons or organizations in Denmark, so we need the following information from you to promote the sponsorship of your sculpture.

● Registration form (use registration form) with name and contact information as address, phonenumber, e-mail address etc. - (maximum 1 pieces. A4 pages)
● Additional information about you as sculptor
● Pictures of your sculptures that represent your working method and way of expression (max. 10 pictures)
● 1-2 sketches/proposals for your sculpture at the symposium in Rinkoebing 2019
● Short CV (maximum 1 pieces. A4 pages) -
● Application must be written in English!

Please send your registration form, application, CV, pictures and sketches to this email address:
Otto Pilgaard
Phone +45 30132935

Best regards
On behalf of the committee
Otto Pilgaard